Hire rates

Hirings are charged per hour and will fall under one of three basic pricing structures: a general rate for booking the facility; a second rate that is exclusively for Pitstone residents or organisations; and a third that is for regular users.


1. The General Rate will be applicable for ad hoc bookings, one off clubs or events and applicable to anyone booking who is not a resident of Pitstone.


Main Hall (inc. kitchen)   - £27.00                                                Millennium Room  - £19.70                 

Cafe (after 4.30pm)  - £10.00       

Bar (inc. service) - £100/min                                                                 

Bar area only  £16.50                                                                       

Changing Rooms (day) £64.00                                        

2. The Village Rate will be applicable to any booking made by

Pitstone resident, club, group or class.


Main Hall (inc. kitchen) - £21.40

Millennium Room - £16.00                       

Cafe (available after 4.30pm) - £10.00           

Bar (inc. service)  - £100/min

Bar area only - £12.80

Changing Rooms (day) - £48.00                                     

3. The Regular User Rate is defined as a resident, club, group or class that makes in excess of 17 bookings in a calendar year.

Main Hall (inc. kitchen) - £13.30

Millennium Room - £11.70                          

Cafe (available after 4.30pm) - £10.00         

Bar (inc. service)- £100/ min

Bar area only - £10.70

Changing Rooms (day rate) - £48.00                                               

All bookings must fully incorporate the time that the hall / room is being used for. This is to include set up and clear up time.

Please note that a damages/cleaning deposit of between £50 and £200 (depending on the type of event) may be required.

How to book

To make a booking, please use the Hallmaster system, and click the plus sign(+) on the corner of the day you are looking for.  Once your booking is submitted, it will be verified by the Hall Manager and you will receive confirmation.  You can also check the details of a class, by clicking here.


To read the full Terms and Conditions of Hire, our useful Information Sheet or print the End of Hire Checklist, please click the links below:


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In the unlikely event that you do not receive a response to any communication within 5 days, please telephone 07758 326411